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Gartner duct cyst

Dr Ayush Goel and Radswiki et al.

Gartner duct cyst develops from embryologic remnants of the Wolffian (mesonephric) duct.

Clinical presentation

When they are located in the lower vagina at the level of the urethra, they can cause mass effect on the urethra and give rise to urinary tract symptoms.



It is located in anterolateral wall of the proximal (superior) 3rd of the vagina 2 and are typically located above the level of the inferior most aspect of the pubic symphysis.


Gartner duct cysts can also be associated with abnormalities of the metanephric urinary system 4-7

Radiographic features

Typically lesion as a cystic lesion arising from the anterolateral aspect of the superior vagina. They are usually small <2 cm 3 although occasionally can get to a very large size: several cm's.


In rare cases with larger cysts, the presence of dyspareunia and problems in obstetric delivery are described 3.

Differential diagnosis 

General imaging differential considerations include:

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