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MRI pulse sequence abbreviations

  • spin echo sequences 
    • T1 - T1 weighted
      • IR : inversion recovery
    • T2 - T2 weighted
      • RARE - rapid acquisition with relaxation enhancement
      • HASTE -  half-Fourier acquisition single-shot turbo spin-echo
      • BLADE - proprietary name for periodically rotated overlapping parallel lines with enhanced reconstruction (PROPELLER) in MR systems from Siemens HealthcareTM 4
    • T2*
      • BOLD imaging - blood oxygen level dependent imaging
    • TGSE - turbo gradient spin echo 
  • GRE - gradient echo sequences
    • SSFP - steady state free precession
    • TRUFI - true fast imaging with steady state free precession
    • true FISP - fast imaging with steady state free precession
    • PSIF - reverse FISP
    • DESS - dual echo steady state
    • FLASH - fast low angle shot 
    • GRASS - gradient recalled acquisition in the steady state
    • SPGR - spoiled gradient recalled
      • VIBE : volumetric interpolated breath hold examination
  • CISS - constructive interference in steady state
  • FIESTA - fast imaging employing steady state acquisition
  • diffusion weighted sequences
    • DWI - diffusion weighted imaging
    • ADC - apparent diffusion coefficient maps
  • SWI : susceptibility weighted imaging
  • inversion recovery sequences
    • STIR - short tau inversion recovery
    • FLAIR - fluid attenuated inversion recovery
    • TIRM - turbo inversion recovery magnitude

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