Tracheal diverticulum

A tracheal diverticulum is usually an incidental finding. Occasionally it may mimic pneumomediastinum, so called pseudopneumomediastinum.


It may be congenital or acquired. The acquired form is thought to be due to prolonged increased intraluminal pressure such as with a chronic cough. 


It projects posteriorly where the cartilage rings are deficient and usually lies to the right where there is no oesophagus supporting the paratracheal tissue. Typically located in the right postero-lateral tracheal wall about the level of the thoracic inlet. A direct connection with the trachea is often visible on CT. 



Although usually asymptomatic, it may accumulate respiratory secretions that become infected and lead to cough or tracheobronchitis. 

Differential diagnosis

The differential diagnosis of a paratracheal air cyst also includes an oesophageal diverticulum and an apical bleb or bullus, e.g.

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