Last revised by Frank Gaillard on 20 Oct 2022

Achievements are a recent feature of your public profile. They are a way of showcasing to the world some of the ways you have contributed to Radiopaedia. 


There are 6 achievements currently, two of them representing 'current status' and representing the current level of a specific metric. 

  1. supporter

  2. institutional member

  3. collector

    • a level that represents how many public cases you currently have

  4. author

    • a level that represents how many articles you have created

  5. contributor

    • a level that represents how many articles you have edited

    • note: only edits that do not require correction by the editorial board count towards this tally. To ensure your edits count makes sure they are in line with our style guide.

  6. moderator

    • a level that represents how many edits you have moderated

    • only available to members of the editorial board


For the 4 achievements based on an incremental metric, there is a level that is related to the value of that metric. Each achievement has 30 levels divided into three groups: bronze (1 - 10), silver (11-20) and gold (21-30). The relationship between the metric and the level is non-linear. For example, the number of additional public cases you need to go from level 1 to 2 is far smaller than the number needed to go from level 21 to 22. 

Each badge has, at its periphery, ten short incremental segments. So a bronze badge with 4 segments is equivalent to Level 4, whereas a gold badge with 7 segments represents level 27 and so on.

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