Adductor canal

Last revised by Yahya Baba on 27 Jan 2021

The adductor canal (also known as the Hunter canal or subsartorial canal)  is a muscular tunnel in the thigh. It commences at the inferior end of the femoral triangle and terminates at the adductor hiatus

  • femoral artery is always between the femoral vein and saphenous nerve
  • femoral vein spirals from medial to the artery in the femoral triangle to posterior to the artery in the adductor canal
  • femoral artery gives descending genicular artery as it leaves the adductor hiatus 

The adductor canal was discovered by renowned Scottish surgeon John Hunter (1728-1793), as part of his pioneering work in treating popliteal aneurysms by ligating the femoral artery (standard treatment in the 18th century was amputation). His older brother was William Hunter (1718-1783), also a well-known anatomist and obstetrician 4-6

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