Anatomy article structure

Last revised by Vikas Shah on 27 Mar 2021

Anatomy articles require a different structure, and the following subheadings are recommended.


As with all other articles, the introductory paragraph should introduce the anatomical term and aim to give an interesting summary. The first sentence should contain the title of the article in bold

  • location: (this first bullet point will depend on the anatomical structure)
  • blood supply:
  • innervation:
  • relations:

Having information about normal variation as well as the frequency of such variation is key for radiological anatomy articles.

Development, including fetal, neonatal and pediatric, is key to understanding pathology in children.

Whenever appropriate, this section can clarify the etymology of an anatomical term or elaborate on the historical context of the term's name or eponym.

This section should include information about the structure that may be important in clinical work. For example, an interventional procedure or surgical approach that involves an anatomical structure. 

This section should include links to pertinent related pathology, particularly if the condition has an anatomical basis. 

  • usually best as a list

See separate articles below for these specific anatomic structures:

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