Anococcygeal nerve

Last revised by Jeremy Jones on 5 Jul 2021

The anococcygeal nerve is the terminal branch of the coccygeal plexus and is described as supplying the skin of the post anal region.

Gross anatomy


The anococcygeal nerve originates from the coccygeal plexus 2


The course of the anococcygeal nerve varies according to source in the literature.

On one hand it is stated that the anococcygeal nerve pierces the coccygeus muscle and travels through the sacrospinous ligament before finally terminating in the post anal region; passing inferior to the sacrotuberous ligament 4. Other sources state that the anococcygeal nerve actually pierces the sacrotuberous ligament or even describe the nerve as piercing the anococcygeal ligament prior to termination 2,5


The anococcygeal nerve of the coccygeal plexus has a variable description of supply 4. Typically the nerve is described as supplying the post anal skin between the tip of the coccyx and the anus 1. The nerve is also described in other sources as supplying the coccygeus muscle, part of the levator ani, the posterior extremity of the external anal sphincter, and the sacrococcygeal joint 2,3.

Variant anatomy

The number of anococcygeal nerves can vary between one and three 4

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