Anterior glenolabral injuries

Last revised by Henry Knipe on 24 Oct 2019

Anterior glenolabral injuries are common in the setting of anterior shoulder dislocation and comprise a number of closely related entities:

These are discussed individually in their respective articles. Below are the key distinguishing features.

  • Perthes lesion
    • anterior labrum avulsed, but minimally or undisplaced
    • intact periosteal sleeve lifted off scapular neck
    • inferior glenohumeral ligament complex remains attached to periosteum
    • similar to Perthes but the inferior glenohumeral ligament complex displaced medially and 'bunched up'
    • labrum displaced inferomedially
  • Bankart lesion
    • torn labrum and periosteum
  • bony Bankart lesion
  • GLAD
    • only partial tear of the anterior labrum
    • glenoid articular cartilage defect
  • HAGL
    • same as HAGL but with bony avulsion of the medial humerus

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