Anterior perforated substance

Last revised by Daniel J Bell on 2 Aug 2021

The anterior perforated substance, or substantia perforata anterior, is an area in the basal forebrain that plays an important role with regards to the blood supply of deep grey matter structures of the brain.

Located within the basal forebrain, the anterior perforated substance is a quadrilateral area of grey matter positioned posterior to the gyrus rectus and olfactory trigone and anterolateral to the optic tract. It is bounded medially by the optic chiasm and laterally by the lateral olfactory striae.

Blood supply is by the medial and lateral lenticulostriate arteries that arise from the anterior and middle cerebral arteries.

It derives its name from the numerous small holes created by lenticulostriate arteries, perforating arteries of the anterior and middle cerebral arteries which travel through this area and supply the internal capsule and the structures of the basal ganglia.

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