Anterior tibiotalar ligament

Last revised by Yahya Baba on 8 Mar 2023

The anterior tibiotalar ligament (ATTL) is the weaker of the deep components of the deltoid ligament 1,2.

The anterior tibiotalar ligament is covered by the tibionavicular and tibiospring ligaments. It is a short and thin ligament that connects the medial tibial malleolus to the anterior part of the talus 1,2.

The origin of the anterior tibiotalar ligament is found on the most anteroinferior part of the medial malleolus.

The talar insertion is immediately anterior to the insertion of the deep posterior tibiotalar ligament on the anterosuperior medial talar body just inferior to the trochlear cartilage 1.

In anatomical cadaver studies, it was reported to be absent in about 10% of the cases 1.

Probably partly due to its small size, it has been inconsistently detected on MRI and therefore its absence should not conclude an injury 2.

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