Bronchial diverticulum

Last revised by Bruno Di Muzio on 26 Jul 2020

Bronchial diverticula are blind-ended outpouchings arising from the bronchial tree. They are commonly pulsion diverticula acquired related to chronic cough.  

Please refer to the article on tracheal diverticula for further details in the same condition involving the upper airways. 

They are relatively common on CT studies, particularly in smokers 2, but can also be present in non-smokers. There may be a slightly increased male predilection but no significant age predilection 3.

They can be of variable shape and size although most tend to be around 1-2 mm in size 3.

Their exact etiology is variable but chronic inflammatory tracheobronchial changes and increased endoluminal pressure may play a role in their development 4.

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