Carcinoma of the Littré glands

Last revised by Dr Daniel J Bell on 14 Sep 2021

Carcinoma of the Littré glands is rare. The Littré (urethral) glands of the penis may be the origin of cancers of the penis, usually adenocarcinomas 1.

There are only a few scattered case reports of true Littré gland malignancy, although it is probably under-reported due to the fact that some penile adenocarcinomas arise from the Littre glands but are described in disease registries as penile malignancies 1-5

Similar to penile carcinoma.

Penile adenocarcinomas arise from the Littré or bulbourethral (Cowper) glands.

The imaging appearances of carcinoma of the Littré glands may mimic inflammatory disease 5.

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