Cingulate sulcus

Last revised by Frank Gaillard on 8 May 2022

The cingulate sulcus runs above and in parallel to the callosal sulcus and corpus callosum separating the cingulate gyrus ventrally from the frontal lobe dorsally.  The sulcus is continuous posteriorly with the subparietal sulcus and the marginal sulcus posterosuperiorly.

In the majority of brains, the paracallosal sulcus runs parallel to the anterior part of the cingulate sulcus separating 4

In the majority of cases the callosomarginal artery courses through the cingulate sulcus 2,3.

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Cases and figures

  • Figure 1: neuroanatomy: medial cortex (diagrams)
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  • Figure 2. Neuroanatomy: medial cortex (diagrams)
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