Claude syndrome

Last revised by Daniel J Bell on 9 Mar 2018

Claude syndrome is one of the brainstem stroke syndromes in which there is infarction of the dorsomedial aspect of the midbrain.

Clinical picture is characteristic and includes ipsilateral oculomotor nerve palsy and contralateral upper and lower limb ataxia 1-4.

Claude syndrome is generally caused by an ischemic stroke secondary to occlusion of the small perforating branches of the posterior cerebral artery supplying the dorsomedial aspect of the midbrain 1-4. The infarction involves the medial aspect of the red nucleus with the rubrodentate fibers, CN III nucleus and superior cerebellar peduncle 1-4.

The syndrome was first described by Henri Claude (1869-1945), a French neurologist, in 1912 5.

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