Confluence of sinuses

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The confluence of sinuses, also known as the torcula or torcular herophili is the site of the confluence of:

The anatomy is highly variable and three types can be distinguished:

  • type 1: superior sagittal sinus drains into one lateral sinus and the straight sinus into the other, with no connection between the two
  • type 2: superior sagittal sinus and the straight sinus fork, and the forks from both sinuses join to form the lateral sinuses
  • type 3: a true confluence of sinuses

History and etymology

Torcular herophili originates from the Latin "torcular" meaning "wine press" and "herophili" after the Ancient Greek anatomist and surgeon Herophilos (c. 330 BC - c. 260 BC) 3

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Cases and figures

  • Fig 1: angiogram - annotated
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