Coracoclavicular ligament

Last revised by Doaa Faris Jabaz on 10 Dec 2022

The coracoclavicular (CC) ligament is the major vertical stabilizing factor of the acromioclavicular joint.

The coracoclavicular ligament can be divided into two parts: the more medial conoid ligament and the more lateral trapezoid ligament

  • conoid ligament
  • trapezoid ligament
    • origin: trapezoid ridge on the coracoid process of the scapula
    • runs laterally and horizontally, attaching to the underside of the clavicle (to the similarly named, trapezoid ridge)

The integrity of the coracoclavicular ligament is inferred on plain radiographs by the coracoclavicular distance.

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Cases and figures

  • Figure 1: coracoclavicular ligament
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  • Case 1: coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction
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