Cribriform plate

Last revised by Daniel J Bell on 2 Jun 2020

The cribriform plate (less commonly also called the lamina cribrosa of the ethmoid bone) is a sieve-like structure between the anterior cranial fossa and the nasal cavity. It is a part of ethmoid bone and supports the olfactory bulb, which lies in the olfactory fossa. It is perforated by foramina for the passage of the olfactory nerves and the anterior ethmoidal nerves to the upper part of the nasal septum, the latter of those to the superior nasal concha. The lateral lamella forms the lateral border of the plate.


Although the cribriform plate is occasionally also called the lamina cribrosa (of the ethmoid), more commonly the lamina cribrosa is used to refer to the mesh found in the posterior sclera through which the optic nerve passes.

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