Deep brachial artery

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The deep brachial artery or profunda brachii artery is a large branch of the brachial artery, located in the arm.

The deep brachial artery is a branch of the brachial artery, originating from its posteromedial aspect, distal to the teres major 1.

The deep brachial artery enters the posterior compartment of the arm together with the deep brachial vein and radial nerve through the triangular interval, just below the teres major muscle. In the posterior compartment, they course along the radial groove, posterior to the humerus and in between the medial and lateral heads of triceps 1,2.

The main branches of the deep brachial artery are its two terminal branches, the middle collateral and radial collateral arteries 1,2. They arise in the posterior muscle compartment in the middle part of the arm.

The deep brachial artery primarily supplies the triceps brachii. It can also supply the nutrient artery of the humerus 1,2.

The origin of the deep brachial artery may vary. It may arise at the same origin of the posterior circumflex humeral artery (separately), or from the axillary artery, either proximal to the lattismus dorsi tendon or at the distal aspect of the artery 1.

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Cases and figures

  • Figure 1: arteries of the elbow (Gray's illustration)
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