Deep transverse perineal muscle

Last revised by Craig Hacking on 26 Oct 2021

The paired deep transverse perineal muscles (TA: musculus transversus profundus perinei) lie in the perineum and are important for stabilizing the perineal body.


  • originischial ramus
  • insertion: the fibers of each muscle meet in the midline at the perineal body and decussate to intertwine with their contralateral superficial transverse perineal muscle 2,3
  • innervationperineal nerve, a branch of the pudendal nerve
  • action: aid in the stability of the perineal body

For many years it was thought that each of the paired deep transverse perineal muscles inserted into one side of the perineal body but in the 21st century it was shown that the anatomy of their fibers is more complex and they interlink at the perineal body with the fibers of their counterpart muscle on the other side. Indeed no insertion into the perineal body actually occurs 2,3.

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