Diffuse uterine adenomyosis

Last revised by Dr Bahman Rasuli on 10 Nov 2022

Diffuse uterine adenomyosis is the most common of uterine adenomyosis. For the discussion of adenomyosis, please refer to the parent article - adenomyosis of the uterus.

Diffuse adenomyosis may account for ~2/3rd of uterine adenomyosis.

Diffuse adenomyosis can be even or uneven in involvement and, therefore, it is subclassified as either symmetrical or asymmetrical 3.

Non-specific but may be seen as heterogeneity in myometrial echotexture.

Myometrial bulkiness however may be asymmetric and typically can affect the fundal region and posterior wall 4.

On T2-weighted MR images, diffuse adenomyosis usually manifests as diffuse thickening of the endometrial-myometrial junctional zone (many use the thickness cut off of ~12 mm) with homogeneous low signal intensity 1.

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