Endometriosis of canal of Nuck

Last revised by Yahya Baba on 14 Jun 2023

Endometriosis affecting the canal of Nuck is an extremely rare site for endometriosis. It is proposed that retrograde implantation of endometrial tissue into a patent canal of Nuck could give rise to the condition.

The condition is presented as a painful inguinal swelling. Usually unaffected by menstrual cycle 1.

It appears as a hypoechoic nodule 2.

MRI can provide diagnosis and evaluation of the extension of endometriosis. There are two patterns observed prevalently solid and prevalently cystic. Areas of hemorrhage can be appreciated 2,3.

  • T1

    • it appears as a homogeneously hypointense nodule with hyperintense areas if there is a hemorrhage.

  • T2

    • it appears as an intermediate signal intensity lesion

  • T1 C+ (Gd)

    • homogeneous enhancement is seen

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