Esophageal lymph node stations

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Esophageal lymph node stations are those nodal stations in the neck, chest, and abdomen considered regional (rather than distant) for the purpose of esophageal cancer staging. This list reflects the map provided in the 8th edition of the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) Cancer Staging Manual 1-3.

  • VI: cervical periesophageal (anterior central neck)
  • VII: cervical periesophageal (anterior superior mediastinal)
  • 1 (right [1R] and left [1L]): lower cervical paratracheal
  • 2 (right [2R] and left [2L]): upper paratracheal
  • 4 (right [4R] and left [4L]): lower paratracheal
    • 4R: between the intersection of the bottom of the brachiocephalic artery with the trachea and the superior border of the azygos vein
    • 4L: between top of the aortic arch and the carina
  • 7: subcarinal
    • inferior to the carina
  • 8 (upper [8U], middle [8M], and lower [8Lo]): thoracic paraesophageal
    • 8U: from the lung apex to the tracheal bifurcation
    • 8M: from the trachea bifurcation to the bottom of the inferior pulmonary vein
    • 8Lo: from the bottom of the inferior pulmonary vein to the gastroesophageal junction
  • 9 (right [9R] and left [9L]): pulmonary ligament
    • 9R: within the right inferior pulmonary ligament
    • 9L: within the left inferior pulmonary ligament
  • 15: diaphragmatic
    • on the dome of the diaphragm or adjacent to or behind its crura
  • 16: paracardial
    • immediately adjacent to the gastroesophageal junction
  • 17: left gastric
  • 18: common hepatic
  • 19: splenic artery
  • 20: celiac

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