Expanded treatment in cerebral infarction (eTICI) score

Last revised by Khalid Alhusseiny on 10 Feb 2024

The expanded treatment in cerebral infarction (eTICIscore is modified from the modified treatment in cerebral infarction (mTICI) and thrombolysis in cerebral infarction (TICI) scales. It was published by the HERMES investigators in 2019 1.

Using modified Rankin scale (mRs) shift at 90 days as the outcome measure, the investigators found a significant difference in outcomes for patients with partial recanalization after endovascular clot retrieval between those with reperfusion of 50–66%, 67–89% and 90-90% in addition to those previously defined by mTICI.

  • grade 0: no perfusion noted (0% reperfusion)

  • grade 1: reduction in thrombus but without any resultant filling of distal arterial branches

  • grade 2

    • grade 2a: reperfusion of 1-49% of the territory

    • grade 2b50: reperfusion of 50–66% of the territory

    • grade 2b67: reperfusion of 67–89% of the territory

    • grade 2c: extensive reperfusion of 90–99% of the territory

  • grade 3: complete or full reperfusion (100% reperfusion)

  • inter-rater agreement is the most difficult between eTICI grade 2a and 2b, however with adequate angiographic views agreement of 92% (κ=0.83, p<0.001) was reported by the investigators 1

  • eTICI appears to be an independent predictor of 90-day mRS

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