Fallopian tube polyp

Last revised by Joshua Yap on 25 Oct 2022

A fallopian tube polyp refers to a small focal lesion of ectopic endometrial tissue located at the intramural portion of the fallopian tube

The reported incidence is 1- 2.5% on hysterosalpingograms performed for assessment of infertility 3

Most patients with tubal polyps are asymptomatic and polyps are usually an incidental finding at hysterosalpingography

They can be unilateral or bilateral, and they usually measure less than 1 cm in diameter. 

Tubal polyps appear as smooth, rounded or oval filling defects that are not associated to tubal dilatation or obstruction, with free flow of contrast medium to the peritoneal cavity. At times there can be a significant increase in the proximal isthmic luminal diameter  2.

Their association with infertility is thought to be questionable at the time of writing 3-5.

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