Fibrosarcoma of the breast

Last revised by Dr Yair Glick on 19 Feb 2018

Fibrosarcoma of the breast is a type of malignant stromal sarcoma that rarely occurs as a primary tumor within the breast. 


A fibrosarcoma is composed of immature mesenchymal elements surrounded by a collagenous substance. It is a type of breast sarcoma with a predominant “herringbone” growth pattern created by elongated spindle cells arranged in broad interdigitating sheets, bands, or fascicles. Some fibrosarcomas lack this classic herringbone pattern and consist instead of a more loosely structured fibroblastic proliferation. 

Radiographic features


Fibrosarcomas are often seen as a non-spiculated, dense breast mass with largely indistinct borders, although some borders may be sharp. There are no specific mammographic features to distinguish these from round breast carcinomas or non-calcified fibroadenomas 1.

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