Fibroxanthoma of bone

Last revised by Tom Foster on 28 Jul 2023

Fibroxanthoma of bone and metaphyseal fibrous defect are terms that have been previously used to encompass both non-ossifying fibroma and fibrous cortical defect or synonymous with non-ossifying fibroma 1-4. Non-ossifying fibroma and fibrous cortical defect are histologically the same and the different terminology of both entities was only based on the size of the lesion (non-ossifying fibroma >2 cm; fibrous cortical defect <2 cm) 5.  

As of the WHO classification of soft tissue and bone tumors (5th edition) the terms ‘metaphyseal fibrous defect’, 'fibrous cortical defect' and 'benign fibrous histiocytoma' are no longer recommended, instead, non-ossifying fibroma (NOF) is preferred. Fibroxanthoma of bone is not even mentioned in the book, which probably means that the term is outdated and that it is safe to not lose too much sleep over this one 6.

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