Flexor carpi radialis muscle

Last revised by Mostafa Elfeky on 10 Aug 2023

Flexor carpi radialis (FCR) is found in the first layer of the anterior compartment of the forearm and is one of the extrinsic muscles of the hand. It does not pass through the carpal tunnel, but rather by itself in a small separate FCR tunnel.


Gross anatomy

FCR tendon is enclosed by a sheath from the level of the distal radius to its insertion at the 2nd/3rd metacarpal bases. The FCR tendon travels above the scaphoid and through the scaphotrapeziotrapezoid joint before entering the FCR tunnel. The tendon enters the tunnel by passing through a vertical groove on the trapezium 1, 2-6.

Distal to the FCR tunnel, the tendon angles dorsally with a primary insertion on the palmar surface of the base of the second metacarpal (80%) and secondary insertion (20%) onto the base of the third metacarpal. The FCR tendon also has some fibers that attach to the trapezial tubercle 1, 2-6.

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