Foramen spinosum

Last revised by Pir Abdul Ahad Aziz Qureshi on 2 Jun 2020

The foramen spinosum (plural: foramina spinosa) is located in the posteromedial part of greater wing of sphenoid bone posterolateral to foramen ovale which connects the middle cranial fossa with the infratemporal fossa. It transmits the middle meningeal artery, middle meningeal vein, and (usually) the nervus spinosus.

Variant anatomy

Rarely, the middle meningeal artery originates directly from a persistent stapedial artery and, as a result, foramen spinosum is either absent or small.

The nervus spinosus may re-enter the head through the foramen ovale.

History and etymology

It is derived from the Latin spina meaning thorn. 

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