Gestational and secretory hyperplasia

Last revised by Owen Kang on 12 Jun 2016

Gestational and secretory hyperplasia are pregnancy and lactation related physiological changes occurring in breast tissues.

The normal physiology of pregnancy causes a lobular enlargement of terminal duct lobular units along with formation of new ones during the second month of gestation. In the following 2 months, there is vacuolation and accumulation of secretions seen in these distended lobular glands.

  • areas of increased breast parenchymal density
  • increased breast size
  • focally or diffusely distributed round microcalcifications (hyperplasia in the lobular acini)
  • rarely irregular, linearly distributed or branching microcalcifications (ductal hyperplasia) - raises suspicion of malignancy

Pregnancy-like hyperplasia or pseudolactational hyperplasia, which manifests with the same radiologic and pathologic findings in non-pregnant, non-lactating women.

No described malignant potentiality yet.

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