Giant fibroadenoma

Last revised by Yaïr Glick on 5 Oct 2021

Giant fibroadenomas are fibroadenomas weighing more than 500 grams or measuring >5 cm in size 2.

Please refer to the fibroadenoma article for further details.

They are usually encountered in pregnant or lactating women.

The typical presentation is in a woman with a large palpable breast lump. 

Microscopically, comprises both stromal and epithelial cells. 

Radiographic features are the same as for normal fibroadenomas.

Variable features from the well-circumscribed discrete oval mass hypo- or isodense to breast glandular tissue, to a mass with macrolobulation or partially obscured margin. Involuting lesions can produce classic, coarse popcorn calcification appearance. 

Well-circumscribed, round and/or macrolobulated mass with homogeneous hypoechogenicity. 

  • T1: mostly hypointense or isointense 
  • T2: variable intensity
  • T1 C+ (Gd): variable

Although benign, giant fibroadenomas should be excised because of their similar clinicoradiological presentation to the malignant phyllodes tumor.


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