Gluteus medius muscle

Last revised by Arlene Campos on 19 Mar 2024

The gluteus medius muscle and gluteus minimus muscle are two muscles of the more superficial group in the gluteal region.

  • origin: gluteal surface of the ilium between the posterior and anterior gluteal line, gluteal aponeurosis, and posteroinferior iliac crest 1-3

  • insertion: superoposterior and lateral facets of the greater trochanter of femur

  • arterial supplysuperior gluteal artery

  • innervationsuperior gluteal nerve

  • action

    • abducts femur at hip joint

    • holds pelvis secure over stance leg and prevents pelvic drop on the opposite swing side during walking

    • medially rotates thigh

  • bursa: separating the upper part of the lateral surface of the greater trochanter from the tendon 

  • antagonist: adductors

  • variants: ​may insert into piriformis 4

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