Hip dislocation

Last revised by Ciléin Kearns on 26 Jan 2023

Hip dislocation is a relatively rare entity and may be congenital or acquired.


Hip dislocations account for ~5% of all dislocations 3


There are numerous patterns of dislocation 1:

Hip dislocation can be further classified as being simple (pure without associated fracture) or complex (dislocation associated fracture of the acetabulum or proximal femur) 6


Acquired hip dislocation is normally associated with high-speed trauma, with motor vehicle collisions accounting for half of the dislocations with other causes such as falls and sports injuries, less common 1.

Hip dislocation is the second most common complication of hip joint replacements and occurs in ~5% (range 0.5-10%) of patients with ~60% of dislocations being recurrent 5


Congenital hip dislocation is now considered part of the spectrum of developmental dysplasia of the hip 4


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