Iliotibial band

Last revised by William Howden on 24 Mar 2023

The iliotibial band (ITB) (also referred to as the iliotibial tract) is a thick band of fascia along the lateral aspect of the thigh. It is a thickening in the fascia lata. Superiorly, it splits to enclose and anchor the aponeurosis of tensor fasciae latae and posteriorly most of the tendon of gluteus maximus 1

The band consists of deep and superficial layers, with distal insertions as follows:

  • the superficial layer is the main tendinous component and inserts onto Gerdy's tubercle on the anterior lateral tibia

  • the deep layer inserts on the intermuscular septum of the distal femur 

A small recess exists between the lateral femoral epicondyle and the iliotibial band, which contains a synovial extension of the knee joint capsule (lateral synovial recess) 1-4.

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