Infraorbital foramen

Last revised by Calum Worsley on 21 May 2021

The infraorbital foramen is located in the maxillary bone. It is the anterior opening of the infraorbital canal, which is the anterior continuation of the infraorbital groove, which course through the floor of the orbit. The canal may reside entirely in the maxillary sinus, suspended from the sinus roof by a mesentery.

The foramen's facial surface is superior to the canine fossa and inferior to the lower margin of the orbit. It transmits the infraorbital nerve (a branch of the maxillary division of the trigeminal nerve (CN Vb) and infraorbital artery and vein.

Within the infraorbital groove, the infraorbital nerve gives off sensory branches to the maxillary sinus and upper teeth:

Related pathology

Fractures through the orbital floor may disrupt the infraorbital foramen and cause paresthesia in the distribution of the infraorbital nerve.

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