Institutional member (institutions)

Last revised by Frank Gaillard on 3 Jul 2019

Institutional members are Radiopaedia users who are affiliated with one or more verified institutions and who have themselves been verified by their institution's admin as belonging to that institution. 

Thus to become a verified institutional member and attain the institutional member achievement badge on your profile the following must take place:

  1. your institution needs to be verified (read more here)
  2. you need to add that institution to your profile settings page
  3. the admin of your institution must verify that you are indeed a member of that institution


The "Institutional Member" achievement on your profile page reflects whether you are a current verified member of a verified institution.

Note: being a verified member but no longer being current does not qualify you for this badge. 

Contacting your institution's admin

How you contact the admin of your institution will depend on whether or not your institution has chosen to have a public or private profile page

If they have a public page, simply visit that institution's page. In the header of the institutional page, the admin will be listed. Click on their name and then on 'contact'.

If, on the other hand, they have elected to keep their page private, then you will have to find out who the admin is directly from your institution.

Once you have contacted your admin, simply ask them to visit the institutional page and verify you as belonging. 

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