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Institutions are a way of grouping users and cases together according to the department or practice or university they belong to.

Institutions can be unverified or verified

Unverified institutions

Unverified institutions are user-attested and their main function is to allow you to better keep track of your cases and filter your case collection based on where you collected the case. 

Adding institutions to your profile

Each user profile can have one or more institutions, and each institution can be set to either be "current" or "previous". 

Additionally, you can set one of your institutions to be your "default" for your new cases (see below).

You can edit your user profile and add an institution here

Adding an institution to your cases

New cases you create will default to your default institution. You can, of course, also manually change the linked institution or add an institution to an existing case. This is done via the institution drop-down menu which is located in the right-hand column of each case. 

Unverified institutions are not shown on case pages. 

Note: at this stage, there is no way to assign all your cases to a particular institution retrospectively. 

Verified institutions

Institutions can become verified, unlocking many additional benefits. 

What is a verified institution?

A verified institution is one that has been approved by both and by the institution itself. The process is straightforward and completely free. It creates a place within for all your members and allows you to pool cases into a digital case library. This library can be public or private (see below).   

How does an institution become verified?

Verification has a couple of steps, each of which only takes a few minutes. To find out more and submit a verified institution nomination please visit this institution page

What features does becoming a verified institution unlock? 

Verified institutions have the ability to access a number of additional features including:

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