Interlobar pneumothorax

Last revised by Yuranga Weerakkody on 10 Jan 2024

Interlobar pneumothoraces are a rare pneumothorax subtype where air is restricted to the interlobar pleural space.

Interlobar pneumothoraces are mostly due to the previous fibrous pleural adhesions from pleurodesis, pleural diseases, or rib fractures. Pleural adhesions prevent air from spreading, as it generally does, into the pleural space. This particular form of pneumothorax may also represent incomplete resorption of a usual pneumothorax.

X-ray abnormalities can involve the entire fissure of the left or right lung. An air-fluid level is uncommon.

The most important characteristics are an oblong lucency along the course of a pleural fissure.

On chest x-ray the interlobar pneumothorax should be carefully differentiated and evaluated to exclude:

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