Intermetatarsal joint

Last revised by Yuranga Weerakkody on 6 Dec 2017

The intermetatarsal joints are strong interosseous ligaments between the second to fifth metatarsals and serve to maintain the lateral integrity of the forefoot. 

Gross anatomy

The intermetatarsal ligaments are present between the second to fifth metatarsal. There is no ligament between the second and first metatarsal, instead between the second metatarsal and first tarsometatarsal joint lies the medial interosseous (Lisfranc) ligament. 

There are dorsal and plantar intermetatarsal ligaments which comprise this joint. Both are either longitudinal, oblique or transverse with considerable variety in organization between individuals. In addition to this, all the metatarsal heads are connected via the deep transverse metatarsal ligaments.

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