Journal of the Faculty of Radiologists

Last revised by Daniel J Bell on 26 Apr 2021

The Journal of the Faculty of Radiologists (ISO4J Fac Radiol) was the official scientific periodical of the Faculty of Radiologists from 1949-1959. In 1960 it changed its name to Clinical Radiology. It was published by John Wright & Sons Ltd 7


In July 1949 the first issue of volume I of the Journal of the Faculty of Radiologists was published. The founding editor was the renowned chest radiologist Peter Kerley 1. In the first year there were only two issues, July and October, after which it was published quarterly, in January, April, July and October. Initial subscription rate was two guineas per year.

In July 1953 Robert A Kemp-Harper became the Editor for one year only 2. In 1954 the pediatric radiologist Thomas Lodge (1909-1997) 8 took over the editorial reins 3.

In July 1957 at the end of its eighth year of publication, it was reluctantly decided, because of rising expenses, to increase the annual subscription to three guineas 4.

In January 1958 the page size of the journal was increased so that more could be printed on each page, permitting the overall number of pages to decrease, so that costs could be reduced 5.

David Sutton became the Editor in January 1959 6. It was during his tenure, that it was decided to change the name of the publication to Clinical Radiology, from January 1960 7.


  • 1949-1953 Peter Kerley
  • 1953-1954 Robert A Kemp-Harper 
  • 1954-1959 Thomas Lodge
  • 1959-1964 David Sutton*

*Dr Sutton continued as Editor of the renamed journal until 1964.

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