Lateral thoracic meningocele

Last revised by Mazen Dughly on 4 Jul 2022

Lateral thoracic meningoceles are a type of spinal meningocele.


As with any meningocele, it results from herniation of the meninges through a foramen or a defect in the vertebral column. 


They are typically associated with neurofibromatosis type I but can rarely occur in isolation. In these patients, they may occur in association with thoracic spine scoliosis.  

When scoliosis/kyphosis is present, the meningocele is located at the apex of the convexity.

Radiographic features


Characterized as a well-circumscribed, low-attenuation paravertebral mass due to cerebrospinal fluid content. Occasionally it may exhibit peripheral rim enhancement 4

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