Left perihepatic space

Last revised by Henry Knipe on 2 Aug 2021

The left perihepatic space (also known as the left subhepatic space) is a potential space located between the stomach and the visceral surface of left lobe of the liver.

Gross anatomy

The left perihepatic space can be further subdivided into anterior and posterior spaces. It is a subcompartment of the left supramesocolic space.

  • superior:  visceral surface of the left lobe of the liver
  • medial: capsular surface of the left lobe of the liver
  • lateral: lesser curve of the stomach
  • posterior: lesser omentum 1

The left perihepatic space communicates superiorly with the anterior left subphrenic space 1.

Related Pathology

Pathology of the duoedenal bulb, lesser curve of the stomach, left hepatic lobe and gallbladder can cause fluid collections to accumulate in the left perihepatic space 2.

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