Last revised by Henry Knipe on 7 May 2023

Levovist (Bayer AG) is a first-generation ultrasound contrast agent composed of a microbubble solution filled with a gas that is easily visible on ultrasound scans 1,2.

Levovist is commonly used as an ultrasound contrast agent in imaging the liver. The microbubbles in Levovist contain perflubutane, a highly stable gas with low solubility in blood, making it an ideal agent for ultrasound imaging. When administered via injection, the microbubbles quickly travel to the area being examined, providing a highly detailed image that can identify potential tissue damage or abnormalities 1.

One of Levovist's key advantages is its safety profile. The highly stable microbubbles reduce the risk of complications or adverse reactions, and the contrast agent is easily eliminated from the body, minimizing the risk of long-term side effects. However, Levovist may not be suitable for all patients, such as those with severe liver disease, and its expense may limit its availability in some regions 1.

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