Mastoid foramen

Last revised by Yuranga Weerakkody on 11 Dec 2022

The mastoid foramen is a variably-present foramen as well as being variable in its size, number and position. Most commonly, it is located near the posterior margin of the mastoid process, within the temporo-occipital suture.


According one publication the prevalence was as follows 3

  • single foramina on either side : ~ 62.5 %

  • double foramina on either side: ~ 22.9 %

  • triple foramina on either side: ~ 6.2 %.

  • absent: 8.3 % :

It transmits an emissary vein connecting the suboccipital venous plexus to the sigmoid sinus, and the posterior meningeal artery (a small dural branch of the occipital artery).

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Cases and figures

  • Case 1: mastoid foramina
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