Maxillary torus

Last revised by Joshua Yap on 24 Aug 2022

Maxillary tori (cf. mandibular tori) are common benign outgrowths of bone from the maxilla which may project both inwards or outwards from the alveolar bone. They typically also arise from the hard palate in the midline, in which case they are called tori palatini. They are usually bilateral.

They are usually asymptomatic but may cause issues with eating and drinking.

They are composed of compact bone which is densely mineralized and usually without a medullary cavity.

The cause of such bony outgrowths has not been established but a genetic component is thought likely.

Bony outgrowths can be well appreciated: 

Maxillary tori are benign, slow growing and non-invasive. Removal is required only if they are symptomatic.

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