Median cubital vein

Last revised by Raymond Chieng on 12 Jan 2023

The median cubital vein is the superficial vein overlying the bicipital aponeurosis in the roof of the cubital fossa, commonly cannulated for intravenous access. It variably forms as either a H or M type pattern joining the median antebrachial, basilic and cephalic veins. If a M-shaped pattern, each limb of the vein may be described as median cephalic and median basilic veins separately.

Radiographic features


Median cubital vein is located at 0.4 cm (0.1 to 1.4 cm) from brachial artery at the antecubital fossa. The visibility of median cubital vein is 90 to 95% after the application of tourniquet 3.

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