Medical devices

Last revised by Arlene Campos on 10 Jun 2024

Medical devices are commonly seen on all imaging modalities of all body parts. When possible medical devices may be completely removed or at least moved out of the field of view to reduce image artifacts. Oftentimes it is impossible to remove devices, and the reporter must make allowances for their presence, in particular the potential to obscure/distort the structures of interest. On the upside, frequently medical devices can provide vital clues to the patient's history and current problems.

Therefore it is vital that radiologists, radiographers and other imaging professionals are aware of the types of medical devices that may be seen. This is a more difficult task than one might suppose as devices are continuously being developed and introduced. Moreover imaging requests and available patient documentation may fail to mention the presence of the devices or the reasons for their presence in the patient. Frequently this is because the device has been present for many years and may no longer be in manufacture.

Specific articles focusing on medical devices in certain body regions:

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