Esophageal-pleural stripe

Last revised by Mohamed Saber on 1 Dec 2023

Esophageal-pleural stripe is a soft tissue interface formed between the right wall of the esophagus and the medial wall of the right pleura, projecting from the level of clavicles downwards until the gastro-esophageal junction 1.

Although the esophageal-pleural stripe can be used in most patients, there are certain cases where lymph nodes or azygous veins intervene between the right pleura and the esophagus, especially in the lower thoracic region, thus should be more appropriately called azygo-esophageal recess 2,3.

History and etymology

The esophageal-pleural stripe was first proposed by Cimmino in 1961 to describe the radiographic appearance seen on chest X-ray 1,2.

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