Esophageal squamous papilloma

Last revised by Menna Elbadry on 11 Oct 2023

Esophageal squamous papilloma is an uncommon finding on esophagography (barium swallow). It is a benign lesion, but it is difficult to differentiate it from osophageal carcinoma on esophagography and the diagnosis is usually made with endoscopic biopsy.

Often asymptomatic, but may cause dysphagia 2.

Benign hyperplastic epithelial lesion consisting of a fibrovascular core with multiple small projections.

It is very rarely associated with a malignant tumor 4 .

  • small sessile polyp with a smooth or slightly lobulated contour 3

  • For a conclusive diagnosis and course of therapy, excision of papillomas is advised due to the possibility of malignancy in these lesions 5 .

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