Omission errors in diagnostic radiology

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  • 1. Mello-Thoms C, Dunn SM, Nodine CF, Kundel HL. An analysis of perceptual errors in reading mammograms using quasi-local spatial frequency spectra. (2001) Journal of digital imaging. 14 (3): 117-23. <a href="">Pubmed</a> <span class="ref_v4"></span>
  • 2. Kundel HL, Nodine CF, Carmody D. Visual scanning, pattern recognition and decision-making in pulmonary nodule detection. (1978) Investigative radiology. 13 (3): 175-81. <a href="">Pubmed</a> <span class="ref_v4"></span>

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  • error

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Cases and figures

  • Case 1: pulmonary ateriovenous malformation
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