Osteoma cutis

Last revised by Rohit Sharma on 1 Apr 2024

Osteoma cutis, or cutaneous ossification, is the formation of bone within the skin.

Primary osteoma cutis is an idiopathic, benign, non-invasive condition that is usually asymptomatic 1. It is often detected incidentally radiographically, most commonly in facial and scalp soft tissues.

Osteoma cutis may be primary or secondary 1. Causes of secondary osteoma cutis include 1:

Primary osteoma cutis is often identified incidentally on CT brain or facial bone studies as superficial dermal calcific nodules. Due to their anatomical location, they are also encountered on dental imaging, including cone-beam CT studies. They are usually reported as 'miliary osteoma cutis of the face and scalp 1.

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